ChrisEgan2Chris Egan

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and innovator, Chris Egan co-founded Evolution Digital in the height of the digital transition. Foreseeing opportunity where the lack of competition stalled technology and inflated pricing for MSOs. Egan has successfully grown Evolution Digital into a thriving supplier of digital CPE solutions.

Egan’s strategic leadership has positioned Evolution as a front-runner for low-cost innovative set-top boxes in the US cable space. His regulatory efforts with the FCC in 2009 essentially paved the way for the DTA in the US cable market and enabled cable operators to reclaim bandwidth in a cost-effective manner. His decisive management style allows Evolution to react swiftly on new product concepts and develop solutions that are market ready in staggering time.

Prior to his role as CEO of Evolution Digital, Mr. Chris Egan co-founded Evolution Broadband in 2002. Egan and his team developed an exclusive line of innovative drop installation products that included 15 unique patent applications. Evolution Broadband was successful in gaining product approvals at all major US Cable MSO's within an incredibly short timeframe. Through this thriving business, Egan and partners funded the start-up companies Evolution Digital and Evolution Canada. Evolution Broadband and Evolution Canada were successfully sold in 2010.

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We realized we were channel locked and running out of space on our 750 MHz system, we need to reclaim bandwidth in order to launch more HD to retain ...
- John Higginbotham

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