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Evolution Digital and R.L. Drake have partnered to help Cable Operators Gain More Plant Bandwidth

Low-cost encoder platform with support for channel mapping and future-proof for encryption and CA security

• Locally encode MPEG-4/2 in a manner that allows virtual channel numbering matching current analog service
• EAS support and DTA code download support for Evolution Digital uDTAs
• Minimize cable operators’ headend engineering and technical support costs
• Inexpensive solution to transition to all digital at the cable operators own schedule
• Seamless to the analog experience as possible to lessen the subscriber inconvenience

How it Works:

Replace existing analog modulators with Drake’s New EH24/SDE24 encoder solution.

• No need to reassign receiver ports from analog to ASI or IP.
• Requires less rack space and less power than average modulators and may help companies meet “Green Initiatives”.
• EAS compatible with legacy analog or new digital SCTE18 solutions.
• Headend cost for 60 channels of analog converted to SD digital is less than $45K typically.

Deploy Evolution Digital uDTA’s

• Universal DTA Compliant - Motorola/Cisco CA
• Simultaneous Analog and Digital Output
• SD and HD, MPEG4/2 versions available
• Small and Compact Industrial Design
(SD: 3.5” x 2.5” x .75”)
(HD: 3.5” x 4.5” x 1”)

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