Evolution Digital has been built by a team of cable veterans, who are invested in the growth and development of the cable indus­try. The team has succeeded through challenging the status quo, by developing cost-effective, custom solutions and full service end-to-end integration for MSOs. Evolution is passionate about driving competition through advancing technology at the lowest cost possible for cable operators to effectively compete in their markets.

What we've done... so farHDHybridIP_remote_web
  • Developed and deployed HD Hybrid IP set-top devices, which support, multiscreen, pause live TV, streaming IP VOD, and network PVR functions.
  • First to successfully launch Hybrid IP boxes in mass deployments supporting IP delivered VOD with Cablemas, Mexico’s 2nd largest Cable operator.
  • Incorporated Play Ready 2.0 DRM, with adaptive bit-rate video streams formatted in either HLS or smooth streaming, to support streaming of live video and VOD content.
  • Established technology partnerships that span the globe with Conax (Norway), Cubiware (Poland), and relationships with numerous headend equipment vendors, and chip manufacturers.
  • Sold millions of set-top boxes to over fifty cable operators located throughout the world.
  • Evolution Digital pioneered the development of DTA’s by filing for, and receiving, the first product waiver from the FCC for low-cost DTA devices with embedded security. All consecutive vendor waivers were awarded under the Evolution Order. Liberty_right_wall_1
  • Developed HD uDTA Wall Plate Device solution with Comcast, to minimize CPE theft in MDU and commercial properties
  • C-CAD and itaas certification for both SD and HD uDTAs.
  • Developed and integrated a variety of guide options on uDTAs, through partnerships with companies like Rovi, TiVo and Cubiware. Offering MSOs skinned UI options to improve the user experience on uDTAs.

Hybrid IP

Evolution understands the OTT streaming video devices are eroding the video business for MSOs. This is why we are working aggressively on solutions in concert with the industries largest operators to provide a solution for all MSOs that couples low-cost and high functionality, but most importantly dynamic user experience.

New TiVo® UI on Evolution HD uDTAsTiVoUI

Operator-branded HD uDTA, powered by TiVo.  Now your lowest-cost box can deliver a feature-rich user experience on every TV. The MSO-branded Evolution Digital HD uDTA is a one-way DTA served by a traditional data carousel which provides a UI experience consistent with the TiVo STB. It provides a low-cost solution for operators looking to extend TiVo service to second and third TVs with a guide and navigation experience not normally seen on DTA devices. Additionally, it’s an extremely compact device able to fit on top, beside or behind the TV.

Latest in hospitality offering... never been more simple

Now Evolution’s Liberty HD uDTA Wall Plate Device can help you achieve a home like experience in every room. No Headend equipment required onsite at the hotel. This semi-permanent install allows HD programming, full security and navigation guides with as many HD channels as possible.


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We realized we were channel locked and running out of space on our 750 MHz system, we need to reclaim bandwidth in order to launch more HD to retain ...
- John Higginbotham

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