Liberty HD uDTA Wall Plate Device

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Patent No. US D683,704 S


Introducing the patented Liberty, the first in a line of new revolutionary products from Evolution Digital. This sleek, compact, HD wall plate device solves real problems and offers serious ROI for operators.  The Liberty represents our commitment to take the industry Out of the Box... and Into the Future!

For too long, operators have been held hostage by proprietary, legacy equipment.  The high investment cost of these systems, combined with their lack of advancement in technology, prevent operators from keeping up with the services that your customers demand. Subscribers love your services, not your box.

Evolution understands that true innovation comes from a commitment to being leaders, not followers. This drive to innovate coupled with a clear understanding of the industry, has resulted in a product that is a game changer. Liberty is that product.

Liberty embodies evolution's core commitment to agile and adaptable solutions, allowing operators to keep current with technology while increasing profitability. This is what innovation looks like.


Liberty Wall Plate Device install directly onto standard F81 Coax plates & supports DC line powering through coax.

  • Motorola/Cisco Compliant
  • MPEG-2/4
  • SD/HD
  • RF Remote

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We selected Evolution Digital because of their background as pioneers in DTA development. Beyond the fact that they offer a fully certified ...
- Cash Hagen

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