Universal SD DTA

Main Product Info
Product Code: DMS-2002-U 
Evolution Digital’s digital terminal adapter set top box offers the ability to convert digital basic channels to analog.

The DMS-2002-U series is designed to work in existing Motorola and Cisco able systems as a cost-effective solution to help manage the costs of digital migration.

Features & Benefits

• Universal DTA Compliant
• Small and Compact Standard-Definition Cable Receiver
• Universal Remote Control (Optional)
• Easily installed behind the TV,
• IR Extender included
• Supports Closed-Captioning
• Supports Emergency Alert
• 3.5” x 2.5” x .75”


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Questions & Comments:
We selected Evolution Digital because of their background as pioneers in DTA development. Beyond the fact that they offer a fully certified ...
- Cash Hagen

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